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The Make-believe game becomes more realistic! A portable kitchen set for toddlers that comes with 42 kitchen accessories. Engaging and educational, this kitchen set is great for kids to let their imagination go wild. Safe, attractive designs. Buy today for your toddlers and kids at home.

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  • This kitchen toy playset is ideal for toddlers, kids, young boys, and girls as it gives a realistic feel of an actual kitchen setting.
  • The kitchen toy set comes with a bundle gift set including real-looking kitchen items.
  • Realistic kitchen set of 63X45.5X22cm in size.
  • It includes a realistic stove, a water outlet, a menu board, along with toy vegetables, fruits, utensils, and several other kitchen accessories to play with.
  • It is an entertaining indoor game that will keep your kids busy and entertained.
  • It can be transported outside for day time playtime activities.
  • It promotes parent-child interaction.
  • Helps kids to identify fruits and vegetables, promotes stem building, improves mental capability, and much more.
  • It includes a handwritten menu board where kids and parents can write messages and add fun elements to their make-believe game.
  • The kitchen set comes with a bundle gift set which includes several realistic kitchen set toys to add fun and make your kids enjoy all the more.


How to make the stove light up?

This kitchen playset comes with a tiny stove that lights up after you switch on the stove light.

Does this have microwave?

No, this kitchen playset lacks a microwave but comprises of other kitchen accessories such as pots and pans, spatulas, plates, fake condiments and fruits.

What are the accessories provided in kids kitchen playset?

This kitchen playset comprises of forty-two kitchen accessories such as pots and pans, spatulas, plates, fake condiments , vegetables and fruits.

What are the benefits of Kitchen Playset?

It stoke’s your kid’s supply of endless imagination and let’s them discover sides of them that can become the future them. A kitchen sink toy let’s your kid learn about major adult roles and how much they will need to adapt to achieve that kind of accuracy and dexterity. It is more than fun pretend.


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